Mini Reviews: Skin Food Peach Sake Toner (K-Beauty)

Skin Food’s Peach Sake Toner claims to minimize shine and the appearance of pores. It’s a toner that I’ve seen in quite a few recommendation lists, so when I received in my BomiBox a few months back, I was quite excited.

This toner was a replacement of my Hadalabo Gokujyun Lotion, which I liked quite a bit but also used alongside an astringent. After a few uses of the astringent alongside the Peach Sake toner, I ran out and was only reduced to using this product after double-cleansing. After several weeks of use, I am really disappointed with it. I don’t think it preps the skin for skincare well and it’s a little too drying for my taste. For acne-prone, combination skin like mine I highly recommend using it with either an astringent or pimple pads or some kind of active like BHA, because this toner won’t help with preventing break-outs.

However, I find it refreshing and enjoy its light scent. It feels like water on the skin, but unfortunately it only has its nice packaging and scent going for it.

On Hwahae, a Korean beauty review app, this toner has a 2.99/5 rating from 177 people as of writing this post, with a total of 8 bad or irritating ingredients (including hydrogenated castor oil, parabens, and fragrances). That is quite the bad reception, so maybe Skin Food got the point since I couldn’t find this product on their Korean site, though it is still (scarcely) sold elsewhere.

Its American price is $12.75 on their official site versus 9,000 KRW ($8) on the MemeBox Korea site (though it’s sold out/discontinued).

Lily’s rating:


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